Thursday, December 8, 2011

SL Tour Galaxy

For Quest 5 in SL I thought it was cool to explore the galaxy. I did the Space & Galaxy tour. 
It started with the Astronomy Gallery which looked so real & gives you that feel of actually being in space. I took this shot that I really liked:

There was a planetarium which had a lot of different things to  explore and seeing the planets so close up with every detail was intriguing. My favorite destination of the tour was the SL Planetarium Dome. It was really nice in there seeing the planets up close. It felt like when I went to the space station in St. Louis and we went in the dome and could see the stars and different aspects of the galaxy. I stay in that destination the longest & it didn't hurt that some other people were just relaxing in there as well enjoying the view. Here's a pic I took:

In two of the destinations there were little night club type areas with dance floors & bar area that I thought was a neat idea to add some variety to the tour. Overall I really liked it, it took longer for the full destinations to upload all of the items, but I expected that since it had a lot of info to upload. I was very surprised at the detail even the NASA information center, it provided background info regarding space related history & milestones.

 Overall I really enjoyed it and liked being able to travel to all of the connected locations and look at the information about different planets and overall space related info in general. I enjoyed this tour to say the least!!!

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